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    Deviant Moon Tarot Borderless Edition

    With larger cards, this special Borderless Edition highlights Patrick Valenza's stunning artwork and allows readers to connect more deeply with the evocative tarot imagery.
    189 kr

    Tarotmagneter: The Moon (månen)

    he Moon Tarot Magnets U.S. Games Systems has selected some of the most beautiful Moon cards from your favorite tarot decks, both classic and contemporary, to present this special collection of six Tarot Magnets. Measuring 1.25” X 2.25” each, these colorful magnets are perfect for posting on your refrigerator or file cabinet to inspire you throughout the day. The Moon Magnet set includes: ...
    49 kr

    Tarotpåse: lycklig måne (sammet)

    Velvet, embroided, 200x200 mm
    79 kr

    Tarotpåse: Moon Fairy (satäng)

    Small bag with an inspirational design, the ideal place to keep all your tarot cards, runes and crystals. Bag measures approximately 160 x 225 (6.25 x 9 inches). Designed and manufactured by Lo Scarabeo
    79 kr

    Tarotpåse: månar och stjärnor (sammet)

    Perfect for storing small tarot decks/runes/crytals embroidered design 82 x 135 mm
    69 kr

    Tarotpåse: Witches Moon (satäng)

    Inspired by the forthcoming Witches Tarot, this lush satin pouch provides safety and protection for your most treasured decks.
    139 kr