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    Cat yoga postcards

    Guide your feline to spiritual fulfillment with these outrageous postcards, featuring various photographs of flexible felines in different yoga positions. Each postcard even includes an insightful description of the corresponding health benefits for each pose on the back. (No cats were harmed in the process of this endeavor.) 32 postcards, 2 of each design
    119 kr

    Dream Decoder

    Ever dream that you were flying? Or being chased?
    389 kr 199 kr

    Now Habit Motivation Cards

    The Now Habit Motivation Cards offer essential pieces of wisdom and inspiration from Fiore s successful program, to help anyone.
    149 kr


    Alla familjer är fantastiska, unika och framför allt olika! I detta kortspel får alla vara med. Vi tycker att en familj kan bestå av till exempel en man och hans hund eller många mammor och pappor! Här får killar dansa i klänning och tjejer leka med bilar. Samla ihop alla underbara familjer och njut av de härliga och roliga illustrationerna som Katarina Vintrafors gjort.
    69 kr

    The Mindful Games Deck

    A deck of 55 mindfulness games for kids that takes a playful approach to developing attention and focus, and identifying and regulating emotions--by the author of Mindful Games and The Mindful Child. Playing games is a great way for kids to develop their focusing and attention skills and to become more mindful.
    199 kr


    159 kr

    Body Cards

    259 kr

    I Am Symbol Cards Card Deck

    24 full colour cards illustrated with symbols by Conny Fox and messages of encouragement by Verena Flori
    99 kr

    Little Yogi Cards & Book Set

    Yoga strengthens us in many ways and gives us the gift of inner peace, clarity, harmony and relaxation. These lovingly created playing and exercise cards inspire children and adults to try and open themselves to the physical and spiritual effect of yoga.
    239 kr

    Mudras for Body, Mind & Spirit

    Description: Mudras – special finger and hand position exercises which transform our hands into real powerhouses.
    239 kr

    The Healing Yoga Deck: 60 Poses and Meditations to Alleviate Pain and Support Well-Being

    Yoga can help prevent and alleviate a number of conditions, from back pain and digestive issues to bone loss, anxiety, and more. From the author of the bestselling Yoga Deck, this new deck features 60 poses and meditations designed to enhance well-being.
    199 kr

    Success Cards

    The words of a master of reality give life to this work and help dig deep down into ourselves to re-awaken that harmony with our intuition, capable of re-establishing an equilibrium with the changes that accompany our life. Created by a disciple of Osho, this 64 card oracle is based on oriental philosophy and on Osho's teachings.
    219 kr